Hydraulic Dynamometers

    • Suitable for measuring Brake Horse Power of different types of Prime movers like Diesel , Petrol Engine, Electrical Motors, Vehicles.
    • These are sluice gate operated Dynamometer. The rotor and stator rings are cast from Phosphor Bronze material.
    • Power absorption unit is mounted on sturdy Cast Iron base plate with help of trunnions.
    • Load indication is in digital form with a load cell.
    • Calibration setup is provided for periodic check-up in order to ensure accuracy.

Principle Of Operation : Water acts as cooling and loading medium. Running rotor causes water to whirl in chamber. Braking energy absorbed converts to heat dissipated.
Advantages : Sturdy & Robust Design, Fast Response & Accurate calibration, Dynamically balanced rotors, highly economical and simple design.
Load Control : Load Control is effected by adjusting the sluice gates to and fro by means of chain and sprockets. This is achieved manually with the handwheel
Models : TM15. TM50, TM150, TM300 are suitable for 15, 50, 150, 300 BHP capacities at 1500 RPM